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Should they stay or should they go

Why are people so rude ?

So we have a great website that is brining in all kinds traffic for people to look at homes. Last night we get a new buyer who listed they have an agent. Our standard reply is GREAT but our site is for clients/ prospects that intend to work with us. We encouraged him to contact his agent ( that he said he had) for property information.
The reply we got was insane. He was livid that we were going to take him off
He said 
Are you serious? You advertised online and what you are saying is that unless I use you I will not be permitted to view this site. What happens if I am a buyer that may want to buy one of your listings. I have retained a copy of this email and have the addresses for these sellers. I bet these sellers do not care if I use you or not. I am sure that part of your advertising sales pitch for the listing includes this kind of advertising without the sellers knowing that your advertisements are discretionary to only people that work with you.
I have several Realtors in my life both family and friends..... and though many of the laws may have changed I too held a license at one time. I did forward this to several of them and theay( spelled wrong by them) all laughed and could not believe the way it was written, BTW you might want to work on your grammar and spelling as well. Trust me Im not a complete idiot and I do know what a customer is vs a client, I know what a buyer brokerage agreement is. Oh, I i.....
This is where we cut him off. Really this person feels that we should have an open book and offer free to everyone. What we said to him was he would not be able to use the site as a signed client. The internet is FULL of places to view homes. Also if they need to see homes they need to contact that agent they said they had. Our CODE OF ETHICS tell us we cannot work with or have substantial conversation with someone who tells us they have an agent !
We also found a Facebook and myspace profile for them and wouldn't you know it in the bio he states he likes to piss people off.
SO what do you think ? Are we right or wrong buy allowing potential clients who are not in a relationship with an agent to use the site with full rights. Anyone can search the site they just cant create a log in and profile.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAlison Creamer • January 05 2012 12:22PM


LOL! I had something similiar. A lady emailed me asking for lots of information and I emailed her back and asked some questions. She said "Oh, we have an agent but he's on vacation." I told her to wait until he returns from vacation and I'm sure he would appreciate it. She emailed me back and a nasty email because I used "LOL". It was CRAZY! She was mad at me basically because I told her to be LOYAL to her agent who probably needed a vacation with his family and she was mad I would help her for free!

Posted by LaNita Cates (REMAX of Joliet) over 8 years ago

If they have an agent, they shouldn't be contacting you anyways!  I love when people expect everything for free...last time I checked my dues went up, my advertising expenses went up and groceries aren't free.  I don't understand how people expect agents to survive if they want things for free

Posted by J S over 8 years ago